Bradshaw Building Services, also known as “The Building Systems Detectives”, provides a number of services, all focused on the overall health of building. Be it energy, indoor air quality or life safety, BBSi has the experience, knowledge and expertise to help your building improve in any or all of these areas.

Re-Commissioning (sometimes referred to as Existing Building Commissioning) will help any building become more energy efficient and improve indoor air quality. With our thorough knowledge of every type of building system (both old & new) plus our experience with every type of control system, we can help improve the energy efficiency of any building. Read More

Our Building Automation System consulting offering can assist any building owner improve this all-important (and often overlooked) building system. With close to 4 decades of experience in  the BAS industry, BBSi has developed many advanced control strategies & design/contracting methods to help assure building owners to achieve the “Holy Grail” of BAS – having one product, getting great service with fair pricing. Read More

When it comes to the life safety systems in buildings, many firms understand the fire alarm and sprinkler systems, but the ever important life saving Smoke Control System is understood by very few. Our history with design, testing and maintenance of smoke control systems that goes back to the 1970’s. Read More

Commissioning buildings is becoming more important as owners demand a building that operates as intended and designed right from day one. Buildings that are turned over to the owner without this service may operate inefficiently and be less than comfortable. Due to the importance of this service it is a requirement of LEED certification.

Even though buildings are either commissioned or re-commissioned, a program of ongoing commissioning (our Energy Watch program) can maintain a high level of building efficiency and comfort levels continuously. BBSi customizes this program for each building and operating staff. Read More

Every once in a while an owner encounters a unique HVAC problem that is not easily solved by standard methods or technicians. Our wealth of experience with HVAC systems of all types and ages plus our numerous expert partners can solve any problem.