Bradshaw Building Solutions, Inc. is a women-owned business located in the greater Denver metropolitan area. We work with building owners, managers and building engineers around the country in a team effort to allow their buildings to be “all they can be”.

Suzi Muir-Bradshaw  Suzi, CEO & CFO, handles both the business and financial aspects of the business.

Greg Bradshaw has been involved in the construction industry 1964. Since 1976 his career has been dominated by building commissioning (Cx), building retro-commissioning (Re-Cx), building automation systems (BAS), HVAC systems, energy retrofits, smoke control systems. Greg is a Certified Energy Manager (CEM).

Greg,  President, develops and manages Cx & Re-Cx projects, consults with facility owners for BAS retrofits/upgrades and smoke control systems.

Greg has been a guest speaker at many conferences and has presented on numerous subjects, including “Energy Retrofits”,  “Commissioning for LEED”, “Re-Commissioning Buildings”, “Control Strategies for Energy Efficient Buildings”, “Design Criteria for BAS”, “Future Trends in the BAS Industry” and “Smoke Control Systems”. Greg has also written articles about Re-Commissioning Buildings and Smoke Control Systems.

Bradshaw Building Solutions, Inc. has a unique business model. To allow ourselves the flexibility of partnering with many experts in many fields, we use a network of sub-consultants who specialize in many building related fields, allowing us to offer our customers very expert solutions to many different kinds of building issues.