Energy Watch

There have been great advances in the building industry in the past 25 years: chiller systems have doubled their efficiency, variable air volume systems are the norm, and building automation systems have replaced pneumatic controls systems in new buildings.  Improvements in HVAC equipment and design have increased occupant comfort while decreasing energy consumption.  However, these improvements have also increased the need for proper operation of this equipment to achieve and maintain the savings and comfort potential of these advanced HVAC systems.

Unlike traditional Commissioning or Retro-Commissioning, which focuses on bringing building operation inline with the original design intent and is typically a one-time process, Energy Watch focuses on optimizing HVAC operation for ever-changing building conditions on a continuous basis, ensuring maximum occupant comfort and energy and cost savings over time.

In a national study of more than 300 buildings, an average measured utility savings of about 20% was achieved under continuous building monitoring services such as Energy Watch.  Additionally, under Energy Watch services, occupant comfort improved while system reliability increased and operational staff’s skills were expanded by their direct participation in the process.

For more information on the options and pricing for this valuable on-going service, contact Greg Bradshaw (303-475-7714) or Eric Loew (720-207-7722).


Examples of issues discovered during Energy Watch services include:

  • Leaking chilled water valve due to improper programming after valve replacement
  • Improper economizer operation due to a sticking damper
  • Supply and return fans running outside scheduled operation
  • Optimal start of HAVC equipment not implemented or tuned properly
  • Temporary schedule changes to zone or equipment operation that were no longer valid
  • Simultaneous heating and cooling due to improper zone temperature setpoints
  • Temperature and pressure reset opportunities not implemented